The skipjack became the State Boat in (Chapter , Acts of ; Code General Provisions Article, sec. ).. At that time, the General Assembly noted that: " Recent efforts to restore the environmental integrity of the Chesapeake Bay have rekindled interest and appreciation in the majestic estuary as not only an economic asset but also as the foundation for a way of life for many.

Skipjack herring migrate both upstream and downstream in rivers, and individuals will occasionally enter the saline waters of the Mobile Delta. Large numbers of adults congregate in swift-flowing tailrace areas below dams in late March and early April, presumably to spawn. Young individuals are more widely distributed and usually occur alone.

The skipjack herring is a member of the herring family (Clupeidae) and is related to the shads, alewives and the ocean herrings of pickled-herring fame. Like most herring, it is a streamlined, silvery fish. The skipjack reaches a maximum size of about 20 inches and three pounds, and an age of about four years.

Skipjack Dining is an upscale casual restaurant specializing in seasonal, locally sourced food. Chef and owner Donny Merrill bring over 25 years of experience to the kitchen, creating a menu that combines classics with new American fare, as well as delicious daily and nightly specials.

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  1. Skipjack herring consume, and therefore serve to limit, the populations of aquatic insects and small fishes. When they are young, skipjack provide food for a variety of larger fish, plus fish-eating birds, reptiles, and mammals. Footlong skipjacks have fewer predators.

  2. Skipjack's was named after a type of tuna, indigenous to the Pacific, which is known for tenacity and strength. Owner Jeff Senior chose the name to reflect his vision of the restaurant known for its aggressive pursuits of the highest quality product.

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